I have a long term interest in the visual documentation of musical performance. Using advanced digital photographic equipment I have been able to cooperate with musicians to develop sensitive, intimate accounts of the rapport and skill that are needed to produce musical performances of the highest standard.  These accounts give a significant insight into the processes of music making, and are highly valued by the artists as a means of promoting their work. As a music lover, I feel I am able to engage with musicians across a very wide range of genres and find the process of making these visual documentations deeply satisfying.


Mathias Eick

Mathias Eick
The Mathias Eick Quartet at the Vortex

Aaron Parks Trio

Aaron Parks
The Aaron Parks Trio with Billy Hart at King's Place.

Tord Gustavsen

Tord Gustavsen
Tord Gustavsen Trio at King's Place


Zehetmair Kilius Quartet

Zehetmair Kilius Quartet at the Wigmore Hall

Xenia Jankovic

Xenia Jankovic

Xenia Jankovic at King's Place

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